Bankruptcy Household Size

Determining your household size is very important when considering bankruptcy. Your household size is used to look up your state’s median income. If you are below the median income you automatically qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and do not have to take the means test. If you are above the median income and do not pass the means test you cannot file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and will likely have to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Most courts adopt the census test for a household, which includes all of the people, related and unrelated, who occupy a house, apartment, group of rooms, or single room that is intended for occupancy as separate living quarters.

Below are the current figures in Wiconsin. For the other states click here.

1 – $42,816
2 – $57,657
3 – $67,103
4 – $77,760

* Add $6,900 for each individual in excess of 4.

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