Debt Relief

Do you need help with a bill?

Bankruptcy is not always your best choice. Our office reviews each case individually using the five options below.

1 Do Nothing: Doing nothing is sometimes the best option. If your income and assets are below certain levels, they may be protected from your creditors.

2 Debt Defense: Has your creditor followed the proper steps in pursuing their claim? If not you may have defenses to their lawsuit and a claim against them.

3 Debt Repayment Plans: We can negotiate with your creditors to lower your payments and eliminate the interest.

4 Debt Settlement: We can help you negotiate your bills down to a zero balance. Creditors can be convinced to take significantly less than what you owe.

5 Bankruptcy: Most people who file a bankruptcy are able to eliminate their debts while still keeping all of their property including their home and cars.

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