Do you want to stop or delay foreclosure?

Through the five strategies below you may be able to save your home or walk away from it without owing the bank anything.

1 Foreclosure Defense: Has the bank followed the proper steps in pursuing their claim? You may have defenses to their lawsuit and a claim against them.

2 Mortgage Modification: Eligible candidates can refinance their mortgage into a lower interest rate loan with smaller payments.

3 Short Sale: If your home is worth less then what you owe you may be able to walk away from it without owing the difference.

4 Deed In Lieu: Give your home to the bank in lieu of actually going through the foreclosure process. Some banks will give you $1,000 to avoid a costly foreclosure.

5 Bankruptcy: Bankruptcy can be used to give you more time to catch up on your mortgage. You may even be able to eliminate a second mortgage if it is completely upside down.

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