Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Timeline

A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy may be resolved and your debt discharged within as little as 3 months. The basic timeline for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Wisconsin is listed below.

Before Filing:

180 days before filing: You must complete a credit counseling course within 180 days of filing for bankruptcy.

90 days before filing: You must be a resident of Wisconsin for a minimum of 90 days in order to file for bankruptcy in this state.

After Filing:

15 days after filing: Within 15 days of filing a bankruptcy petition you must file paperwork regarding your assets, income, expenses and liabilities.

30 days after filing: You must file a Statement of Intention with the court stating whether you plan on keeping or surrendering your secured assets.

45 days after filing: The court will hold a Meeting of Creditors approximately 4 weeks after you file for bankruptcy. You will need to testify under oath regarding all the information provided to the court in your petition.

3 months after filing: A discharge will usually happen approximately 3 months after filing, depending on the case.

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