Don’t Let An Inexperienced Bankruptcy Attorney Waste Your Time!

Most initial bankruptcy consultations are all about you. The attorney your meeting with will ask you dozens of questions. I suggest your turn the tables on your bankruptcy attorney. Decide if you would even consider hiring him before you open up to him. There is no point in sitting there for an hour going trough your life’s history until you figure out if the attorney even knows what he is doing.

walking out the door

Large ads and fancy offices don’t mean anything. I know many attorneys who call themselves bankruptcy attorneys and they have little or no experience. Just as the economy has been hard on you it has been hard on attorneys. When business slows down they start practicing in new areas of law they do not have experience in. Don’t become one of their learning experiences. Your not paying them so they can practice on you. You are paying for expertise.

If your bankruptcy attorney can’t say yes to the following ten questions it is time to call another bankruptcy attorney!

1. Do you have experience filing bankruptcy cases after the 2005 law change?

2. Is bankruptcy more then 50% of your practice?

3. Did you file over fifty bankruptcy cases last year?

4. Do you file Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases?

5. Are you a member of local and national bankruptcy bar groups?

6. Does the local bankruptcy judge know who you are?

7. Do the local Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 trustees know who you are?

8. Do you use a written fee agreement?

9. Will you be the one communicating with me and preparing my filing?

10. Will you be available after hours and on the weekends for emergency questions?

If you would like to throw the questions above at me call 608-829-1112. I would happy to help.

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