What should I wear to the Meeting of Creditors?

Clients often call me the day before or the morning of their meeting of creditors and ask me what they should wear. You definitely do not need to wear a suit.

The meeting is not in front of a judge and isn’t even at the court house. Most clients filing bankruptcy complete the entire process without ever seeing a judge or walking into a courthouse. Formal court attire is not necessary.

Dress in layers and wear what you would normally wear to work. If you are not working wear what you would wear to visit the dentist. Make sure not to wear anything too tight, short or low cut. If you decide to wear a hat expect to take it off during the meeting. If you are wearing any jewelry you didn’t list in your paperwork let your attorney know before the meeting starts. Your attorney will let the trustee know you plan on amending the paperwork to include the overlooked jewelry.

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