Top Ten Insurance Company Tricks

Do not be fooled by a seemingly sympathetic insurance company. They are looking out for their own best interests, not yours! Our experienced attorneys will help you avoid the COSTLY MISTAKES many people make after an accident.

1. The accident was your fault.

2. It is our internal policy not to pay for that.

3. You have to sign this medical authorization.

4. My supervisor won’t let me give you more money.

5. You don’t need an attorney. We will take care of you.

6. You made things worse by not seeing a doctor sooner.

7. Take what we are offering now or we will withdraw all offers.

8. You will have to pay more in taxes if we give you a higher settlement.

9. Your insurance premiums will go up if we give you a higher settlement.

10. We know you are struggling financially and have no choice but to take a low settlement.